Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My cool and heartwarming interview with Mireya!!!!!!

  Mireya is a Graphic Designer she works at Phi Design! Phi Design is a business that Mireya created herself in Brooklyn New York at her apartment. Mireya's degree is in fine arts she earned her degree from the Art Center of Design. At first she thought that she wanted to be a lawyer, and then she realized that she wanted to become a graphic designer. At this point I can say that Mireya is the most interesting person that we interviewed. She said that we are going to be interested in a lot of  different careers when we go to college. Come and see the next interview with me!

Monday, February 10, 2014

My super awesome and amazing interview with Chris!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I am writeing my new blog about Chris.

              Chris went to college at University of California Berkeley, and he got a major in computer science. Chris has always liked working with compers. He says that if you know the codes in one language it will be easier to know it in a different language. He was interested  in education partially because some members of his family were teachers. Chris and his friend are the co-founders of Educreations. His idea for Educreations started while he was working at a computer company, and he and his friend wanted to do something more interesting. Educreations is a place where any one can easily create a video or lesson and share it with other people.They are going to improve Educreations by being able to save a lesson, and be able to go back and work on it. His company he works at now thinks that is you should be active and eat right. His company believes to enjoy where you work and have fun when you are working. Chris gets feed back from kids and teachers. I can't wait until we have our i's on someone else's career!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My super amazing interview with Samantha!

This week we interviewed a person named Samantha. She is a pharmacist she works at St. Mary's Hospital in Decatur Illinois. She had to take specific classes in biology and medical science to join the School of Pharmacy. Her first job of the day is to check and make sure the medicine that the technicals do is correct. Her job is like a safety officer,because nurses and doctors call her to pick the right and safe medicine so the patients can go home. She tells the nurses the safe mixture of different types of medicine to give the patient so the medicine will not hurt them. She even has to double check her work. She works as a team with other pharmacist to know all of the right medicine to give to the correct patient. All medication in the hospital is her responsibility to take care of it so it does not get into the wrong hands. There are two types of pharmacists retail pharmacists and pharmacists. Before she worked at the hospital she worked at the retail Target.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My excising interview with Elizabeth !

Hi my name in angel w . Come in and see the life of Elizabeth.
                          She told us that she went to I.U. She did not know anyone at the whole school and  was very shy at first. She meet a girl by the name of Emily, and she was very nice to Elizabeth. An interesting fact about Elizabeth is she got her major in fashion design and costume construction, but her job is in manger of PR and business. Liz learned about knowing your styleof learning. She also learn about if you work well by being " hands on " research and find what universities offer small learning by " doing classes". You will be surprised that large universities have these opportunities. Her advice for us is to be open-minded. She lives in New York and in a aperment on the ninth floor. Liz likes to have a team because she likes to get the job done.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My amazing goal in life

This is my BIG GOAL ! I chose Richland community college of Decatur Illinois  because I had to choose three colleges that i liked first then see which one i wanted to go to the only college that I liked that best and Richland was the college that liked best. I chose to be a artist because my uncle inspired me to draw and got better and better so I though it would be a good thing to do as a job in my life . Richland is a big part of my family because three of my family members went to Richland . My aunt is going their to Richland now.

Monday, August 26, 2013

My amazing interview with John

 Welcome to my blog. Every week my class will interview someone new and learn about their education and career. Our weekly interviews will be a part of our We've got our i's on careers project.

This week we interviewed John! John started to show who he really is in 4th-5th grade. He got really inspireing teachers in grade school. The first year of college was not easy it was vary hard. Then by the 2ed year of college he got straght A's. John told us that it is ok to make mistakes in college and in life.John  told us when you work in a team you get more tangs done .  John toght us that we can be who we want to be in life we just have to work hader and go for what what. John told us ti is better to start small.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

All About me

My name is Angel w. I am in the class of 2025. We are a special group of students that learn about colleges and careers every week. I will be blogging about what I learn every week. Stay tuned for more!